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A National Community that Inspires

The Young Chinese Professionals UK (YCP) is a non-political community association for the UK's Chinese young professionals. It aims to empower the next generations of global professionals with leadership experiences through learning to contribute to the society.

We focus our work on community needs to encourage more social innovations so that we can continue to cohere a professional community that cares, impacts, and inspires.


Growing for our community

For more than a decade, we at YCP UK have been working with our community to enable more development opportunities for Chinese young professionals to grow. From organising community activities, advocating for professionals' needs and skills, sharing career experiences, to improving professionals' wellbeing, we want to believe our work has positively impacted our society, all who contributed at YCP and not to mention thousands in our community.

Today, we continue to harness volunteerism and creativity of our community, that was how we started ever since we introduced the YCP concept of supporting young community members during our speech at the Scottish Parliament in 2010.

Our activities

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Our Emblem

At YCP, our aim is to promote professionals of the future. The colour of the seedling was chosen based on a Chinese proverb - indigo blue is extracted from the indigo plant, but is bluer than the plant it comes from.

YCP Ambassador Programme



YCP is not only a community association, it also runs its annual flagship leadership development programme.


The YCP Ambassador Programme offers external and academic placements over nine months for young professionals and university students to cultivate professional skills, gain leadership experiences and realise their potentials at early career stage.


It has proven to be highly successful as we create the space for participants to harness their passion and apply their academic knowledge in real life situations to make a positive difference to the society.

Many YCP Ambassadors graduated from the programme let us know how they valued this unparallel opportunity to develop new skills and explore career interests. Most of them are now pursuing careers of their first choice and a number of them have become YCP Regional Representatives based in many parts of the world.

YCP Ambassador Programme begins its recruitment between every September and Janurary. If you wish to be considered, please get in touch with us:

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YCP Student Committee 2023


LLM, University of Leeds

'I have the privilege of volunteering for YCP alongside my full-time job. YCP has provided me with a platform to invite professionals to share their valuable working experiences and advice, as well as create personalized job-seeking stories for our audience. Through this role, I have developed skills in leading the development, organization, and delivery of key events for Chinese professionals in the UK. It's a rewarding experience to see our events making a positive impact on individuals' careers'

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