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Who we are
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The UK Federation of Chinese Professionals brings together 4 regional professional associations with their own executive committees while sharing the overall commitment to their umbrella organisation led by its chairman and coveners. They are steered by our Sector Council and guided by our international advisory board. Our associations are governed as independent entities but are integral to the make-up of the Federation. Together, the UKFCP holds 3 regional and 1 national professional associations, 4 professional chapters, 18 professional groups, a sector council of 5 steering committees, a national executive committee of 5 ECs including our student committee, and an international advisory board.

Our Purpose

UKFCP exists for positive progression of a professional community that has economic and social importance to the long term relations between the UK and East Asia.


More than a few decades ago, many overseas Chinese travelled and settled in the UK were unskilled workers who later become entrepreneurs and restaurateurs. As their 2nd and 3rd generations and new professional immigrants have better language skills, the range of career options becomes wider than ever. This career transformation not only has created physical distance, social, communication and cultural gaps within the community, but also leads to an opportunity gap for them when global businesses expand their UK-China market.

Our purpose is to significantly reduce these gaps by partnering Chinese professional diaspora with open minded organisations to create a truly win-win future.

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Top: UK Federation of Chinese Professionals

Middle: Federations of Chinese Professionals (by region)

Bottom: Independent Chinese Professionals' Associations (our chapters)

NEC Structure
Our People

We would not have achieve so far without the support of generous people and partner organisations along our journey. As much as we are grateful for their help, we dedicate greater efforts to creating more opportunities for others as our thanks to them.

Our National Executive Committee 20/21 at a glance:

Number of EC: 5

Teams per EC: 13

Current Size of NEC: 36

Student Committee: 8

Female to Male Ratio: 11:7

​Professional Backgrounds: Arts & Design, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, Research

Click to see our complex but purposeful organisation chart

The 5 Executive Committees (EC):

LCP EC: oversees and organises activities in London and Greater London

SCP EC: oversees and organises activities in Scotland

WCP EC: oversees and organises activities in Wales

YCP EC: oversees and organises activities across the UK

YCP Student Committee: provides team assistance to YCP EC

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