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YCP Ambassadors featured by the University of Strathclyde

Lichen Yuan and Pei Xu, YCP Student Committee 2021 have been invited by their university to share their YCP experiences. Congratulations to Lichen and Pei.


Lichen Yuan

I worked as a student ambassador for the Young Chinese Professionals (YCP) section of the UK Federation of Chinese Professionals (UKFCP) and my work focused on organising and planning the annual 'UK-China Careers Fair' programme and the 'YCP Awards' programme.

Each week I met with the leadership and student committee and liaised with the managers or leaders of the organisation involved in the projects. The UKFCP has a comprehensive partnership with the University of Strathclyde to promote the positive development of the professional community, which has a long-term impact on the relationship between the UK and East Asia.

The long-term relationship between the UK and East Asia is of great economic and social importance. By linking up Chinese professionals and open-minded organisations via the Young Chinese Professionals Ambassador Programme, the UKFCP is able to create a truly win-win future for both parties.

Pei Xu

With the help of this course, I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to intern with the Young Chinese Professionals (YCP) Ambassador Programme. YCP is affiliated with the UK Federation of Chinese Professionals (UKFCP), one of the largest global Chinese professional associations. During my internship, I was mainly responsible for the team of student ambassadors. I was also involved in the organisation and promotion of YCP Awards and UK-China Careers Fair. By undertaking this internship in my spare time, I improved my communication and coordination skills.


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