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Finding Career Calling

From Data Analysis to Management Consulting: How Monica Found Her True Calling

Interviewed by Gillian Chen, YCP Student Committee Member

Monica took a leap of faith and transitioned into a completely different industry. She enjoyed working with clients and helping them solve complex problems using her analytical and data-driven approach. After gaining more experience, she landed a job in the exciting world of internet products, where she honed her consulting skills and built her confidence.

Monica's journey eventually led her to management consulting in finance, where she found her true calling. Her work centered around using her data analysis and consulting skills to help clients make better financial decisions. Monica's ability to transfer her skills and knowledge across different industries and apply her consulting expertise made her stand out from her peers.

As someone who had been through the job-seeking process multiple times, Monica had some valuable advice to offer. She emphasized the importance of applying and preparing for job opportunities as soon as possible, and of tailoring her application to each job description by highlighting her relevant responsibilities, skills, and experiences.

As a graduate, Monica also believed that any experience counts, even if it's just observing her managers or learning from others. She encouraged graduates to be brave and try different things, as these experiences would provide valuable hints on where to go next.

For those interested in consulting roles, Monica recommended gaining product-related experience, as it's very useful for consulting role applications. She advised that working as a product manager, you will learn to design the model, do the market search, identify the niche market and the target customer. She also advised that consultants should have a broad knowledge of different industries.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties of job-seeking, Monica's resilience, adaptability, and determination had led her to a fulfilling career in management consulting. She hoped her advice would help others navigate the job-seeking process and find success in their chosen career paths.


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