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YCP Attended 9th Scotland-China Youth Summit

On 9th June, the 9th Scotlland-China Youth Summit was held at John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh.

The summit was organised by Scotland-China Education Network (SCEN), a leading charity that brings together stakeholder network to promote the learning of Chinese language. Amongst the 20 schools that joined across Scotland, poem reciting, singing, dance performance, winning students and schools received gifts and certificates presented by Mr Zhang Biao, new Consul General of the PRC in Edinburgh.

Participants heard from Simon Macaulay, Chair of SCEN, Chinese Consul General Mr Zhang, Owen Griffiths, Team Leader for STEM and Language Curriculum at the Scottish Government, Peter Kwok, Convener of Young Chinese Professionals and his team in Scotland, and John MacMillan, CEO of Eric Liddel Centre.

Peter commended the marvelous participation of the students who have made the summit so successful and related the virtual career sharing by the China based SCEN Ambassador earlier at the event. The session was given by Joseph Zhao, YCP Manager and Tutor at the University of Glasgow, and Leo Guo, current YCP Student Committee Member and former senior recruiter.

Both Joseph and Leo shared their inspiring experiences with the students who may be interested in or considering pursuing a career in China after graduation.

Over 250 students, teachers, academia, language supporters and partner organisations joined to celebrate the learning of Chinese language and culture on the day.


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