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YCP Career Session - Arts & Design Dialogue with Oliviia Lee

Updated: May 25, 2023

Fan for the the Art & Design industry? Eager to know how designers create those masterpieces?

Oliviia Lee, a veteran in art & design industry, will be sharing her insights in the third UK-China Career Fair online-session on Art & Design. Graduated from the Royal College of Arts in Jewellery & Metal MA and University of the Arts London in Graphic Branding & Identity, Oliviia made a career shift from acting and singing to art and design.

Prepare to broaden your mind to a wider range of possibilities for a career in the arts, performance, and design when you hear her amazing stories.

We would love to have you on Sunday 13th March 11am -12pm UK time!

Join us on Zoom by clicking the registration link below:

Oliviia Lee 於香港出生及成長,並曾移居北美,在加拿大和美國升學進修。 Oliviia 目前定居倫敦,並畢業於皇家藝術學院珠寶與金屬碩士專業及倫敦藝術大學圖表品牌與標識專業。

受她之前在亞洲擔任演員和歌手的 15 年職業生涯的啟發,Oliviia進一步展演了對藝術和設計的興趣。她對平面設計、時尚造型、舞蹈和模特行業的熱情使她成為一名初階珠寶設計師。

Oliviia 将于3月13日英国时间上午11时至12时与大家分享她的事业及求学生涯,此分享会在Zoom进行,报名链接如下:


如您有任何问题,欢迎和我们联系 If you have any enquiries, please feel free to email us:

Lee, Oliviia. A Night in Dubai. Gold-plated bronze, translucent threads, spray paint and pastel on cow skin paper, wood box frame, 35cm x 45cm x 6.5cm

Lee, Oliviia. Vogue Brooch. Mint Green Tourmaline, Silver, Black Rhodium, 35mm x 45mm

Lee, Oliviia. Good News Carpet. Wool, silver-plated threads, metallic threads, cotton, 200mm x 100mm


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