Our Professional Associations

London Chinese Professionals



The LCP is our London Chinese professional community. It is responsible for our social and economic initiatives in Greater London including regions where Elizabeth Line goes to.

As it is geographically close to UKFCP, it is our main professional hub where strong partnerships with global corporate headquarters, universities and entrepreneurial organisations are developed. LCP focuses on offering professional networking, career opportunities, business upscaling, and our consulting support for our professional community.

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Scottish Chinese Professionals



The SCP is Scotland's association for Chinese professionals. Our work reaches entire Scotland with the busiest hub in Edinburgh, where we started and built on the legacy of our founding body Young Chinese Professionals.


Scotland is large. Whilst our denser hubs are in Glasgow and Aberdeen, individual professionals can be scattered in rural regions. The need to reach out becomes our important focus. Thanks to our strongest network of partner organisations, we have become a key channel for Scotland-China news, keeping local professional communities updated in no distance over the past 10 years.

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Welsh Chinese Professionals



The WCP is our Welsh Chinese professional community. It aims to work with professionals in Wales to develop stronger partnership between China and Wales. WCP is our newest association of UKFCP.

Our WCP is based in Cardiff, where the Welsh capital is. Engineering, manufacturing, research and development, energy and services are the main industries where our professionals work in.

We are keen to work with industry partners to further develop our community for cross country partnership.

Please contact us at WCP if you work in Wales.

Young Chinese Professionals



The YCP, one of the world's leading associations for overseas Chinese young professionals, aims to develop and promote UK's global Chinese professionals of the future.

As our association for young professionals, YCP also runs its 3 professional chapters - YCP Chamber of Commerce, Young Chinese Ambassador Association, and the Society of Young Chinese Achievers.

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Our Professional Chapters
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Chamber of Commerce



Establishing in 2021, the Chamber brings together very high calibre Chinese university graduates and students who are interested in working in the business sector and start ups across the UK.


The JCC enables members to meet future employers, like-minded team members, and investment partners that realise the career goals of the very best in the UK.

The JCC also organises the YCP Achievement Award Ceremony in Scotland where our award winners join our Scottish Society of Young Chinese Achievers.

If you would like to keep in touch with us, please contact us.

Scotland-China Alumni International



The first Chinese medical student came to Europe and studied in Scotland in 1850s. Since then the partnership in education has always been a strongest link for Scotland and China.

Since 2013, Scotland-China Alumni International (SCAI) has been reconnecting for Scotland's Chinese alumni who are outside Scotland, mainly in China.

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Young Chinese Ambassador Association



The Young Chinese Ambassador Association (YCAA) is the alumni organisation for those who were invited and achieved the 1 year Ambassador Programme of Young Chinese Professionals UK.

Our YCP ambassadors are those who have demonstrated passion for and willingness to contribute to the society. Through our programme they learn to become better global citizens and future leaders.

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The Scottish Society of Young Chinese Achievers



The YCP Achievement Awards are our important recognition for young professionals who have devoted immense efforts and made outstanding achievements in their professions at early age.

There are far too many great professionals in Scotland but too few to know. Our work is to promote Scotland as the global destination for professional development. Whether they are in STEM, business or any other sectors, we want to thank them while encouraging more to come forth so that we can together do more for the society.

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