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The Power of Proactivity

From Teacher to TESOL Master: How Kaylynn's Proactivity Landed Her Dream Job

Interviewed by Gillian Chen, YCP Student Committee Member

Kaylynn started her career in primary education and spent four years as a teacher. However, she wanted to further her education and decided to pursue a Master's degree in TESOL for Young Learners at the University of Leeds. After completing her studies, she took on part-time jobs as a teaching assistant (TA).

During her job search, Kaylynn discovered that working with recruitment agencies was beneficial. She visited a recruitment agency for teachers where she learned about a few primary schools with job openings. She also learned how to tailor her job applications by learning what recruiters wanted to hear.

Kaylynn's advice for job seekers in general is to stay confident, even if they are in a new environment. She encourages job seekers to see their unique experiences and skills as assets and to not be afraid to try new things in order to reach their goals.

In the education field, Kaylynn emphasized the importance of being a proactive TA. She took briefs from teachers and gave specific attention to students who were losing focus or had special needs. Kaylynn believes that the skills required for a TA include being proactive in listening, actively learning and communicating, being observant, and working well in a team.

Kaylynn's experiences show that pursuing further education can open doors to new opportunities. Her advice for job seekers highlights the importance of tailoring job applications to meet the needs of recruiters and finding ways to gain valuable experience. In the education field, Kaylynn stresses the importance of being a proactive and observant team player in order to support both teachers and students.


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