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UKFCP National Executive Committee

Our National Executive Committee (NEC) is made up of amazing professionals from 5 Executive Committees (EC) of LCP, SCP, WCP, YCP and YCP Student Committee. Our NEC members are based in London, Scotland, Wales and East Asia. You do not often see them in the spotlight but they would go extra miles for what they believe to be worthwhile for our society.

Working in the NEC is never meant to be sleeping on an armchair with a crown. Instead you will be rewarded by the amount of effort you put in voluntarily to grow with this organisation. Most of the NEC members have been working with our chairman for years before being invited to join for their executive roles. Of course this is not necessary the case for you. If you believe you are loyal, genuine, trustworthy, passionate, open minded and are looking for long term friendships, you may well be the right team member. We are not looking for skills but passion, not professional background but warm heart for the society, not where you are based but where you are heading to.


When you join to go through an informal probation, you will find out if an NEC role is right for you. NEC's work is rather complex to explain but as a community association for UK-China professionals, you can more or less get an idea, starting from the website.

You do not have to be Chinese or British Born Chinese to be our NEC member. It is likely that you will not know your EC colleagues in London Chinese Professionals if you are based in Scotland, where you will join our EC of Scottish Chinese Professionals. Each of our professional associations operate independently by its regional EC.

Whether you are seeking to develop your career further, enjoy volunteering during your spare time, reconnect with your British and Chinese links or practise your Mandarin and English languages, being a part of the NEC can be very enlightening and rewarding.

Our NEC is suitable for

- Professional in the UK with some flexibility

- Entrepreneur applying for Permanent Residence

- Professional Graduate staying in the UK in the next 2 years

Our NEC is not suitable for

- Professional Couple who only contributes as single entity

- Professional leaving the UK soon

- Professional who is too busy with their daily issues

- Professional who is unable to respond to messages and emails

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