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Building the Present,
                               Bridging the Future.

At UKFCP, we organise more ongoing programmes than single events. We believe by working together on projects that require each other's input is a greater way to build long lasting trust and relationships.

There are two types of programme projects we do - economic and charitable. As a social enterprise, we not only encourage our executive committees to create their own projects, but it is almost compulsory for participants in all of our programmes. This way we are always pushing forward our social innovation, developing professionals' new opportunities and achieving sustainability for our organisation growth.

Our programmes are career oriented, work based and community focused that we consider world class in developing UK-China professionals. If you are looking for an unparallel, non-traditional classroom value added experience to enjoy outside your career, to learn new skills, meet new friends and make new professional contacts, our programmes may just be right for you.

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