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The Scottish Chinese Professionals



Scotland's Association for Global Chinese Professionals

The Scottish Chinese Professionals, SCP, is Scotland's Chinese professional association. Our work covers entire Scotland with the busiest hub in Edinburgh, where we started and built on the legacy of our founding body Young Chinese Professionals.


Scotland is large. Whilst our denser hubs are in Glasgow and Aberdeen, individual professionals can be scattered in rural regions. The need to reach out becomes our important focus. Thanks to our strongest network of partner organisations, SCP has become a key channel for Scotland-China news, keeping local professional communities updated with our SCP newsletters in no distance over the past 10 years.



As SCP's community is reasonably large and spread across Scotland, we used to be the 'promoter' of most major Scotland-China events organised by our partner organisations. We still do that as the main reason we first begun our association to ensure our members have as many chances to stay connected and out of the blue weather especially during winter. Although most of our connections with members were through our popular newsletters, many members still wish to have our own community events. Therefore, we have now shifted from a project driven association to a project + event driven hybrid SCP.



Over the years, SCP's voice for professional community has been heard by the Scottish Government, local  authorities, ethnic minority charities and local communities. We also contributed advice to the Government on China, communities, diaspora, demography, business, education, immigration, and racial equality through various groups and forums. We also work with Police Scotland on recruitment and community engagement in order to build an even safer community for Scotland.




We work closely with Scottish universities and also develop sectorial seminars that professionals can gain deeper insights into interesting topics and meet other colleagues. At SCP, we specialises in organising cross country events with overseas delegations visiting Scotland. Such events are delivered through our Directors' Programme, partnering reciprocal organisations to create professional dialogues and potential collaborations. Through this, cross country professionals who participate in the programme can develop each other, not to mention our commitee and associates who help organise it.



We support in most major Scotland-China events and promote our professional community as we represent there. We are an advocate for Chinese professional diaspora to support collaborative strategies at high level meetings and conferences organised by governments, partner organisations and ourselves.

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