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The London Chinese Professionals




Global Professional Community in the World's Global City

The London Chinese Professionals, LCP, is our London Chinese professional community. It is responsible for our social and economic initiatives in Greater London including regions where Elizabeth Line goes to.


As LCP is geographically close to UKFCP, it is our main professional hub where strong partnerships with global corporate headquarters, universities and entrepreneurial organisations are developed. LCP focuses on offering professional networking, career opportunities, business upscaling, and consulting support for our professional community.



We unite global Chinese professionals in London through working with partner organisations.

LCP also organises our ProGroups events that our professionals can lead, join, speak at, and develop themselves.

We bring professionals together with the aim of generating positive impact on specific charitable and economic causes.

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We offer a range of professional services to our community with well established professional firms that either our committee members run or work in.  Through this we are able to listen to and address the needs of our community to derive practical solutions.


Supporting and developing Chinese entrepreneurs




We collaborate with community and partner organisations to strengthen the transferrable and multilingual skills required for the professional world.


Our focus on career skill development not only coheres with the work of professional institutes and learned societies in the UK, but also with those who actively support the learning of Chinese language and culture such as the Department of Education, British Council, Chinese community schools, universities and language campaigners, which we have contributed advice from time to time.



London as a global hub for professionals does not require much promotion. However, as the pool of professionals gets larger, the chance of their talents being missed is also higher. Whilst Chinese is a major ethnic minority community, its relative size in London is still reasonably small. We may only know a handful of leading Chinese professionals in their fields, how about the others?



​​LCP alone cannot show the world of why London attracts and produces so many globally influential Chinese professionals. But together with the public, private and voluntary sectors, which include other Chinese community organisations, our joint efforts have contributed to the advancement of our London professional community. As individual professoinal, you may not feel the impact, but we are here behind the scene, listening and safeguarding the rights and championing opportunities for the brighter future of our community.


It may not be a priority to number how many brilliant events we attend in London, but it is important that when necessary, voices of our community are conveyed and heard while more opportunities are developed for the benefits of our society.

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