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Aaron Kwok Amazing Kode World Tour Live in London 2023

香港“四大天王”之一郭富城繼2014年在倫敦舉辦演唱會後,時隔9年再次回到倫敦舉辦他的《舞林外傳Amazing Kode世界巡迴演唱會2023——倫敦站》。地點將在OVO Arena Wembley,於9月24日隆重引爆!

時間 2023年9月24日

地點 OVO Arena, Arena Square, Engineers Way, London HA9 0AA


‘Aaron Kwok Amazing Kode World Tour Live in London 2023’ is organised by Jazzy Group. It is bound to be a gorgeous and spectacular concert. Known as the "King of Stage", Aaron Kwok has done a lot of great work in both singing and dancing, as well as in films and television dramas. Therefore, many fans have fond memories of him from their childhood and youth. It is believed that he will also bring a series of audio-visual delights to the audience in this ‘Amazing Kode World Tour’ concert.


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