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Live Sessions: Tai Chi by the Grandmaster

Designed exercises to improve health

The UKFCP is delighted to offer 3 free Tai Chi live sessions to the general public in the UK to watch. If you are looking for relaxing exercise at home and to improve immune system, we recommend you to book a place.

UKFCP has partnered with Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Federation to design a set of easy but useful exercises with the use of Tai Chi techniques to create a way for health improvement at home.

From May to September, we will be organising 1 hour free live session. The session will be delivered on our virtual platform. You can attend or leave the session at any time you like. You can attend through your phone or computer as long as you have  access to Internet.

UKFCP Tai Chi Chief Instructors:

Grandmaster Yue Liming

1972 - Shaolin Martial Arts

1983 - Trained under Ultimate Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, 11th Generation direct line successor of Chen Style Tai Chi

1998 - Accepted by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei as Disciple

2004 - Achieved 7th Duan Wei Grandmaster awarded by China National Wushu Association

​2004 - Present - Head Judge on Chen Style Tai Chi

​2004 - Present - Honorary Vice-Chairman of Tai Chi Union for Great Britain

2009 - Present - World Tai Chi Promotion Ambassador by Chinese Government

- Established Tai Chi Centre in Manchester, former lecturer at University of Salford