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Third Sector Partnership on Resource Sharing

Thanks to our partners, we can now operate physically in the following counties:

                          Fife          Lanarkshire

Together we can mutually support our ethnic minority community as a whole

Our third party support centre was established as you did to provide non-emergency support to promote safer environment for our communities across the country.

Perhaps unlike yourself, our centre is virtual. On one hand, our centre is not limited by location so it is particularly helpful to members of our community who work in more remote regions. However, on the other, when members wish to meet our regional representatives in person such as third party reporting, we can only rely on our partners' space.

Moreover, we may not always have the answers to solve our members' different needs. In many cases, we combine professional efforts with our partner organisations who have the expertise and licenses if we are not qualified to do so such as offering medical opinions.

What resources do we need?


- Spaces / rooms to use when needed

- Vehicles lending and/or delivery support for resources


- Professional Insights and expertise to share

- Strong connections with local community and organisations

- Licensed support such as accepting our referrals to you as a consultant for specific medical advice

- Volunteering opportunities including training

- Research collaborations

- Third Party Reporting Partnership (if you are a TPR centre)

What resources may we offer?


- Our bilingual virtual centre representatives could help share your volunteering work

- Our bilingual regional centre representatives can support your work that involves supporting Chinese community nearby


- Chinese cultural experience to share

- Bilingual interpretation support (limited)

- Circulation of relevant news to our national network

- Co-organising community events

- Community cross training

- Sharing research findings

- Third Party Reporting Partnership (if you are a TPR centre)




Partnership sometimes mean combining different strengths, in order words reducing our weaknesses


Partnership is key to the success of UKFCP

and we are an organisation of partners

Contact us if you are interested in partnering with us

Contact us by email:

Contact us by phone:


+44 (0) 792 88 13426

(9am - 5pm)

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