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Launching our new AESEA Project

East and South East Asian communities have been affected severely by the Covid-19 pandemic and members of the communities have attempted to reach out for support. Whilst many diaspora organisations we have contacted to find out about the good work of others did not have strong intention for collaborations, we also appreciated they may have carried out important safeguarding work for their members that is busy enough to take on more.

We too, have been very occupied by the work of our national support centre and slowly realise not only we can support Chinese communities but also other diaspora. In fact, we have been contacted by local and diaspora community members and due to the urgent need, we have decided to launch our Assisting East & South East Asian (AESEA) Project to add to the good work of other diaspora organisations.

The project will see our UKFCP National Support Centre reaching out to East & South East Asian as its team expanded for wider coverage. Currently, we are already connected with or have limited experience in Cambodian, Filipino, Malaysia, Singapore, and Burmese. We are hoping to recruit more centre reps to support our meaningful initiative.

If you are interested in supporting us as volunteer centre representative, no matter what language you speak, please send us your Covering Letter and CV to us:

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