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Covid-19  Page



Northern Ireland

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Updated news to catch up

Why use SCP Public Health Information Centre?

Information on Covid-19 for Chinese community

There is plenty of news on the Internet from the governments and major news agents in the UK, mostly in English language.

Our Public Health Information Centre is not to replicate their work but to try to bring as much useful information in one place as possible because many members of community are confused with so much data.


More importantly, we are working with the government to have their messages and public materials translated into Chinese for our community to better digest the meaning of the information to better protect themselves against heatlh issues.

Please note, the information you see here is all from third party. Neither UKFCP and the support centre provides health advice to the public. Links we provide may direct you to third party's pages, please always check before you commit to them.

Contact us if you are concerned about understanding Government's advice due to language barriers. If necessary, we will put across your message to relevant departments for help

Contact us by email:

Contact us by phone:


+44 (0) 792 88 13426

(9am - 5pm)

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