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General Health Information for Community

Health information for the most concerned

We know how assiduous doctors work at NHS, especially during the important life saving times such as the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We also know NHS is well established but resources are always limited. We understand sometimes it may take weeks if not months to get useful health information even for the questions most concerned by members of our community.

We have invited 3 trusted medical experts to join our UKFCP General Health Information (GHI) Team. They are award recognised as leading in their fields.

Although we are not trying to resolve specific problems for individual community members, we believe this will significantly shorten the waiting time for helpful health information and add more reassurance to what the country is already doing for our general public.

Our UKFCP General Health Information Team

Dr Justin Garner  MBBS, MRCP, PhD

NHS Role: Consultant for Chelsea, Covid-19 Ward at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London

Work: Clinic Research Fellow in Interventional Bronchoscopy

Specialism: Respiratory

Alma Mater: Imperial College School of Medicine

Dr Kit Wu  MRCP, PhD

NHS Role: Consultant at King's College Hospital, London

Work: Chief Physician at UK Chinese Medical and Darzi Fellow

Specialism: Brain, Neurology and General Medicine

Alma Mater: Imperial College School of Medicine

Dr Ming Chen  MBAcC, CMIR, PhD (Honorary)

Role: Visiting Professor at Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Work: Director at Ming Chen Clinics

Specialism: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Alma Mater: Army Medical College of China and Edinburgh Napier University

Why send us general health questions?

When general health information makes a difference to protecting our community

From time to time, we will select a few questions that many community members are concerned about for our General Health Information (GHI) Team to reply in writing.

How do we select questions for the community:

We will assess your questions emailed to us according to the needs of our community and the current situation. We hope you would appreciate that we may not always accommodate your questions so if you do need for urgent medical support, please visit your GP practice or call 111.    

How will GHI Team reply to the questions:

Our GHI team will reply in writing either in English or Chinese. then we will post it only on this page for members of our community to read. We will not disclose your name but our GHI Team Member's. We may direct your questions to more than one GHI team member and you could receive a reply to one of your questions from any GHI team member who is available at that time.

Our Disclaimer of Medical Liability:


We are not a medical centre to resolve your specific health issues. UKFCP, all its professional associations and our third party support centre DO NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. The contents of the Sites are general informational purposes only for people living in the UK. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Reliance on or any application of any information provided on the Sites is at the reader’s discretion and is his or her sole responsibility. Individual medical needs are very different; you should not assume that the information on the Sites concerning courses of treatment or outcomes will apply to you. Rather, you should evaluate your medical condition and make treatment decisions based upon consultation with your GP. In any emergency situation, always call 111 or 999 for help.

Download GHI Team Updates

Contact us if you have any general health questions that could be beneficial to our community as a whole.

Contact us by email:

Contact us by phone:


+44 (0) 792 88 13426

(9am - 5pm)

As we always receive a lot of questions, we would appreciate your understanding for not replying to every health related emails our members send us.
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