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HR Researches on Corporate Measures against Pandemic

Leading through a pandemic: Making difficult judgments in coronavirus times | London Business School

Crisis management for companies in face of pandemic

Our flagship research partnership with the University of Strathclyde enters into its second year. This year, we set up a research team of 7 to develop deeper insights into proposing effective corporate health and safety measures against the current Covid-19.

The research team members carry out researches based on the literatures of major pandamic over the past 30 years including SARS in 2003. The broad research areas will be assessing the economic impact on specific industries and Chinese professionals in the UK and Greater China.

Why do we research?

Understanding how a community feels and thinks cannot only simply rely on the practical perception of a few

UKFCP is an advocate for our Chinese professional community of over 200,000, we cannot afford to take this role lightly. In order to understand how a community feels and thinks, we first need to ask and listen, not only to the individuals but community as a whole. Research allows us to build a good sample to help evaluate whether we are on the right path. It is only the fixing of mutual needs, solving the social and career challenges and promoting the suitable  career opportunities that allow us today to continue to act in the best interest of our professional community.

Crisis Management against Covid-19 is a topic so new and challenging that our research team is taking up. But this only means our research work will open more doors to helping the society particularly the surviving SMEs amid economic crisis.

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