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With the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic in East Asia, the intensification of racial discrimination and the need for public medical renewal have led to tension among some Chinese-English groups.  Therefore, in March this year, the Scottish Chinese Professionals (SCP) responded to the situation and established a third-party assisting centre to provide non-emergency relief in order to create a safer community environment for Scottish Chinese affected by the pandemic.

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Safeguarding our communities across Scotland with an understanding in Chinese languages and culture

In some cases, victims and witnesses who have experienced "Hate Crime" are reluctant to report directly to the local police and prefer to report the incident to someone with a similar language and cultural background and more relevantly for us, Chinese. As Police Scotland's first Chinese third-party reporting centre covering the entire Scotland, our duty representatives can assist victims or witnesses to submit their testimony or report to the police on their behalf.

Contact us if you wish to us to make a record, report on your behalf or share your concern about your unpleasant experience

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