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Retirees' Non-Emergency Call Centre

We are here to listen to your needs

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If you need non-emergency help and you cannot reach anyone you know or communicate with staff on 111, please call us

Recommended exercises for elderly, please always have someone alongside you to help

Although we are not an elderly care home to provide daily care for elderly, we can still be of help especially when you live on your own during critical times such as Covid-19.

Retirees who are elderly may wish to talk to someone who wish to listen, if you wish, please call us. We know sometimes it can be tiring to stay at home while your relatives and friends are thousand miles away from you.

In non-emergency situations, when you feel you must seek support from someone for your urgent need, for example, you are having an empty fridge but unable to go out for food shopping, you can call us to refer you to relevant organisations to support you. We may not be able to resolve all your needs, but at least we can be your first point of contact if you cannot find anyone you know to help.

Why contact our Retirees' Call Centre?

You are never alone, neither are we

Friendly Conversation

There are Chinese housing associations, Chinese elderly centres and NHS who are expert in helping our elderly retirees' community, but we never pretend everyone can always cover everything. Our role is not to overlap with their responsibilities but to have a friendly conversation with you even if you just feel like making new friends today. You have spent decades supporting our society for us, you deserve our listening when you need it too.

Non-emergency Support

As a member of an ethnic minority community in the UK, it is understandable if you encounter issues that require specific help. While it is unlikely that we will be expert enough to resolve all of them, instead, we would refer you to our contact list of organisations that may be able to better serve your needs. You can of course contact us at anytime, but when in more desperate situation that you could not find anyone you know to help and you have problems speaking with 111, please think of us.

In any emergency situation, remember always call 999.

Contact us if you wish to have a friendly conversation or non-emergency support when you do not have anyone else to seek help from

Contact us by email:

Contact us by phone:


+44 (0) 792 88 13426

(9am - 5pm)

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