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National Campaign on Public Health Promotion

Why do we promote public health when others are doing that?

As the UK's community association for Chinese professionals, we have the extensive network and experience in reaching out

As a community caring organisation, we are always thinking for our community and when times such as Covid-19, promoting as much public information on health precautions in English and Chinese as possible is a key measure to safeguarding our community.

Raising awareness is important, but reassuring our community over the tension is also essential. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have written to over 100 organisations from public, private and third sectors to offer our support and warm regards. In particularly, we have promoted messages of the government, Chinese embassy and assistant chief constable amongst our professional community across the UK including overseas Chinese students. 

Contact us if you would like to join our public health promotion campaign, now and the future

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+44 (0) 792 88 13426

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Our poster in another language

Public Safety Poster.png

Posters were designed to raise public awareness of health protection and racial discrimination. We have also liaised with the government on public health updates.

Coronavirus stay at home advice | NHS

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