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Si Li







London, UK



Tell Us What Happened?

On 8th October, in London, I was unlocking my door and heard a voice saying “where is my pizza, deliveroo guy?” I didn’t think she was talking to me but there was no one around so I asked: “Are you talking to me?”. She replied: “Yes, you.” Then I was confused and went on asking “why do you think I’m a deliveroo guy?”. She said something that instantly set me off - “because you are Asian.”

I went to my conceirge to complain and the receptionist took me to their flat to have a conversation. The woman who was speaking to me didn’t want to speak to me and stayed in the flat. Instead, her friend came out and said that I was trying to barge in their flat. At one point, one of her friends said: “If you record me, I’ll fxxking slap your fxxking face.”

Later police came but they couldn't do anything because there is no evidence.

Help Needed from us

Very Serious 非常严重

How serious:

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