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Free Job Posting for SMEs in the UK and East Asian

If this is the first time you post a job on job site, this video may be helpful to you, all the best.

UKFCP Job Listing for free until 1st September 2020

The Covid-19's economic impact on SMEs and sole traders around the world is still progressing. Far too many businesses are now facing financial difficulties and need to adjust their people plans, while professionals may have to find new jobs in the near future. is covering all the costs of job posting for any SMEs in the UK and East Asia to advertise their job opportunities on our website for free until 1st September 2020. In business, every penny helps. We hope this can at least support some of the challenging decisions your SMEs are currently facing.

Why post your jobs with us?

Recruit from the network of global, bilingual and culturally intelligent professionals for business growth and sustainability

If economy is shivering and your business needs more innovation, perhaps it is time to recruit a multicultural intrapreneur to grow your business.

If your country market is shrinking, perhaps it is time to recruit a bilingual professional with cross country experiences to develop new businesses.

If your company is battling with financial challenges, perhaps it is time to recruit a new joiner during your reorganisation.

You may have better reasons than us as to why Chinese global professionals can make a fundamental difference to your corporate success. Do not wait while we can help.

Contact us if you wish to us to make a record, report on your behalf or share your concern about your unpleasant experience

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