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English-Mandarin-Cantonese (EMC) Support Centre

Bilingual communication is never taken for granted

Each year, professionals and work visitors visit the UK from all over the world. Regardless of how long they are staying, without a sufficient understanding in how English is spoken here, it is often uneasy to get by and tension over communication could even be built. We understand this has affected many of them including the elderly retirees and young students. That is why we feel there is a need to provide this support when it is in a less than emergency situation.

It is not our aim to interpret for daily lives but only when it is really needed for the individual during Covid-19. Our support centre has a leading team of interpreters who used to or still translate for the UN, governments, local councils, public agencies, industry leaders and senior delegations. But in our language support centre, our only aim is to support our communities through translations.

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Commission Work:

If you are a business or organisations that would like to commission, please feel free to contact us for our consulting centre via below details

Why use SCP EMC Support Centre?

Safeguarding our communities across Scotland through language support

Community Messages and Public Materials:

In collaboration with UKFCP, we support public organisations on translating important messages for our community. We have had many years of experience as we send out these messages ourselves too. Promotion or advisory materials that require acute care, we take more than usual steps to professionally translate and proof read before submitting our work. 

Bilingual Interpretation:

There are circumstances when we clearly know our work can help, and those we cannot help, we could refer them to more suitable organisations such as calling 111.


For example, if an elderly retiree is living on her own in the house, and medical officers are not able to understand her saying over the phone that led to police officer visit to her. However, the officer was still not able to understand her needs. In such circumstance, the police officer could go through our procedures to verify himself/herself for our interpretation support. Arrangements with us cannot be done through a telephone call but over formal written procedures and referrals.  


Contact us if you have experienced a less than emergency situation where our language support can be life saving

Contact us by email:

Contact us by phone:


+44 (0) 792 88 13426

(9am - 5pm)

Scotland-China Partnership for Global Ta
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