Yu-han Memorial Trophy

Yu-han Memorial Trophy is an annual Chinese language competition in Scotland that aims to encourage Scottish students to use their Mandarin skills creatively under the theme 'I CAN'. This could be through singing a Chinese song, writing a Chinese rap, performing a Chinese play, or reciting a Chinese poem. No matter what beautiful things your students plan to produce, we hope through this enjoyable activity, students can develop greater confidence in applying their Mandarin skills. 


In 2013, we have received video submissions from 10 schools with stunning ideas such as Chinese singing and lyrics composing, reciting poems, Gangnum style, anime production and film production in using Chinese language.


Initiated by friends of Yu-han, a passionate Scottish teacher of Chinese and led by Young Chinese Professionals Scotland, the competition was launched at Gleneagles China Youth Summit at SCEN on 12 November 2012. Yu-han Memorial Trophy is to commemorate Yu-han for dedicating her lifelong endeavours to support teaching Chinese in Scotland. Despite all efforts, she was not able to continue and has passed away in summer 2012. From people who knew her, Yu-han was an inspiration to pupils, colleagues and friends during her time as a teacher of Chinese in Scotland and in the UK.


Open to all Scottish secondary school and joint secondary and primary school students, we would like to invite any interested teachers, students and school representatives to join us in this meaningful initiative to help more young Chinese learners practise and innovate the use of Mandarin Chinese language. 


Please follow this link to registration: http://yuhancompetition.blogspot.co.uk/

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