Are you a young Chinese professional in Scotland?


The Young Chinese Professionals (YCP) is a dynamic network of globally-minded, young at heart Chinese professionals who represent their respective industries and fields across Scotland. They utilise their professional expertise and their social, cultural and linguistic experience to generate, support and link with many Scotland-China partnerships in Scotland.


Sometime, it is easy to be oblivious to how we have got this far in life at the first place. Indeed, without our personal endeavours and the support from our families and friends, we would not be cultivated as who we are today. Nevertheless, nothing could be possible if we had not had the unceasing love and support from our motherlands. As such, YCP is set up in hope of offering the opportunities for dedicated professionals to give back to China and Scotland.


We believe that “giving back” also means “gaining more”. While devoting some of your spare time to lead our Scotland-China projects, being a member of the YCP enables you to expand your business and social networks.







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