The Young Chinese Professionals Launch Reception


On Friday 18th June 2010, the Chinese Consulate General in Edinburgh, Scotland-China Leaders, young Chinese professionals and friends across industries joined together to celebrate the launch of the Young Chinese Professionals Scotland. The YCP Launch Reception was opened by Cathy Gu and Peter Kwok, our Conveners followed by an inspiring speech from Mr Zhou Youbin, Deputy Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Edinburgh, who was our guest of honor at the Reception.


The YCP's launch attracted representatives from a wide spectrum of important organizations active in Scotland-China affairs such as the Scotland-China Education Network, the 48 Group Club, the China-Britain Business Council, the Confucius Institute for Scotland, HSBC, Edinburgh & Lothians Racial Equality Council, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, the Blackford Trust and Ricefield Chinese Arts and Culture Centre.


During the Ceremony, the YCP Award was presented to Mr Zhou Youbin for his outstanding commitment to developing the friendship between China and Scotland in the 21st Century. Two other major awards were presented to our first YCP Affiliates - Dr Judith McClure CBE, Convener of SCEN, and Dr Roger Collins, Honorary Fellow of the School of History, University of Edinburgh. Both of them were awarded for their significant contributions to the launch of YCP.


For more news about the Reception, please visit the website of Consulate-General of the PR of China in Edinburgh.


You may read the full scripts of the launching speeches by Mr Zhou Youbin, Dr Judith McClure and our Conveners through the following links:


Speeches by Mr Zhou Youbin, Dr Judith McClure, our Conveners.







    在成立仪式上, 周游斌先生因在二十一世纪为中国和苏格兰友好关系的发展做出了突出的贡献获得苏格兰青年华人精英会颁发的奖项。 另外两个重要奖项分别颁发给我们精英会的第一批成员 - 朱迪斯·麦克卢尔博士CBE苏格兰中国教育网的召集人),及罗杰·柯林斯博士 爱丁堡大学历史学院的荣誉研究员),为感谢他们为我们青年华人精英会成立所做的杰出贡献。


    请访问网站Consulate-General of the PR of China in Edinburgh 获取更多关于成立仪式的信息。您也可以通过以下链接阅读周游斌副总领事,朱迪斯·麦克卢尔士和召集人的开幕演讲。


开幕演讲 Mr Zhou Youbin, Dr Judith McClure, our Conveners.


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