Are you a young Chinese professional who has proceeded from Scotland? 您是在苏格兰发展过的青年华人专业人士吗?

The YCP Alumni network connects young Chinese professionals who have returned to China but would like to keep updated with the developments of Scotland-China Activities.


Being in Scotland is a lifetime experience for many young Chinese professionals. Every year, young Chinese professionals and students like you travelled to Scotland for career advancement or university education. You may decide to return to China upon the end of your professional training or degree course. However, your journey with Scotland does not have to end there. Instead, it is the beginning of demonstrating how you can maximise what you have gained after your serious commitment in Scotland.


By joining the YCP Alumni network, you will be part of the Scotland-China Community with the chance to support Scotland-China Activities in China. You will act as the ambassadors of Scotland-China friendship, raising the awareness of Scotland in China, in which you will also stand out from the crowd.







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