Could YCP be of interest to you?

Nevermind if you are not a young Chinese professional.

YCP Affiliates are members who are interested in the work of YCP and would like to offer their invaluable support to the growth of the network on its visions.


You could be a university student studying Chinese Studies or an exchange student who has just returned from your visit to China. 您可以是在大学学习中国研究的学生。也可以是刚才从中国返回的互换学生。


You could be an instructor to teachers in Chinese or an amateur promotor of Chinese arts and culture. 您可以是教中文的老师或是中国艺术和文化的业余倡导者。


You could be a business professional in China or in Scotland, who wants to find out more about Scotland-China links and the YCP. 您也可以是在中国或苏格兰的商业人士,希望了解苏格兰青年华人精英会和苏格兰─中国联盟。


If you are currently involved in any Scotland-China Activities or are interested in the work by the Young Chinese Professionals Scotland, we would like you to join us.


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