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June 2010


On Friday 18th June, the Chinese Consulate General in Edinburgh, Scotland-China Leaders and Representatives, young Chinese professionals and friends across industries joined together to celebrate the launch of the Young Chinese Professionals (YCP) network. The YCP Ceremony was opened by our Conveners and with an inspiring speech by Mr Zhou Youbin, our Deputy Consul General of the PR of China in Edinburgh - YCP announces its formal establishment. Please follow the italic link for details of the Launch Reception.


"I hope YCP will, in the future, develop all kinds of activities to promote the mutual understanding between Scotland and China, especially in the areas of economics, culture, technology, arts and education. I would like to express my wholehearted wishes to YCP, in which I hope, through Sino-Scottish collaborations and exchanges, YCP will contribute to an even greater success in enhancing the comprehensions and communications between the people of both countries." Mr Zhou Youbin, Deputy Consul General of the PR of China in Edinburgh


April 2010


The Young Chinese Professionals Scotland was presented to the leaders of the Scottish Government, Education and Charity sectors at the Scotland China Education Network (SCEN) meeting. This has augmented YCP's commitment to supporting the promotion of learning about China in Scottish Schools.


"The YCP network could well provide opportunities for young Teachers of Chinese, for instance, who would enjoy the chance to link with young professionals working in business and studying at our Universities and Colleges." Dr Judith McClure CBE, Convener of SELMAS and SCEN


January 2010


The plan of calling Scotland's top young Chinese talents was first introduced at the Cross Party Group (CPG) on China meeting at the Scottish Parliament. It was received as one of the key networks to promote young Chinese professionals in Scotland through supporting Scotland-China Activities.


“The proposal for the Young Chinese Professionals network fits in well with the Scottish Government’s China Plans.”  Mr Tom McCabe MSP, Convener of CPG on China










        苏格兰中国教育网和SELMAS 的召集人,朱迪斯·麦克卢尔博士(Dr Judith McClure CBE)谈到:“ 苏格兰青年华人精英会将能有效地为青年中文教师提供许多机会。比如说,他们将可以联系在大学和学院学习的学生以及在商业中从业的青年专业人士。“






       我们最初在苏格兰议会跨党派中国小组会议中第一次阐述了汇集苏格兰优秀青年华人精英的想法。 自那时起,苏格兰青年华人精英会即成为了支持苏格兰中国活动项目,组织和提升青年华人精英的主要联盟。



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