What We Believe


1. We show respect to local customs and culture as well as ours.

2. We uphold integrity and honesty in everything we do.

3. We promote the professional conduct and due care as the role

    models of the younger generations.

4. We maintain and enhance the good standing and reputation of

    our professions.

5. We maintain and strive to improve our professional knowledge

    and competence.

6. We stress creativity & imagination in every aspect of our work.

7. We contribute to the best interests of both Scotland and China.


1. 我们尊重当地的和自己的风俗文化。

2. 我们将诚恳诚实地工作。


3. 作为下一代的榜样,我们遵守职业道德和准则。


4. 我们维护并加强我们的职业信誉和口碑。


5. 我们努力提升自己的专业知识和能力。


6. 我们在工作的各个方面强调创新精神。


7. 我们为祖国和苏格兰的利益做出贡献。

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