UK-China 400 - an Exchange of Future Leaders


UK-China 400 - an Exchange of Future Leaders is the result of an initiative to develop UK-China youth exchange announced by the UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband and China's Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi in February 2008. These take forward the agreements made by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Premier Wen Jiabao on 18 January 2008.


As part of the UK-China 400 project, 400 young people from each country selected for their display of leadership qualities will undertake a ten-day exchange visit between 2008 and 2010. During their visit they will develop their understanding and skills in youth and community development, political and business leadership, environment and healthy living, and creativity and cultural innovation through meeting with leaders, experts and practitioners in these areas. The participants will visit Beijing or London, and at least two other cities or districts in that country.


This year, a delegation of 50 young leaders from China and Scotland came together in Edinburgh to attend 3 days of events (24 - 26 May) that were put together in collaboration between the British Council and the Scottish Young Icebreakers. The first day event was held in the Confucius Institute for Scotland, where the Young Chinese Professionals Scotland was invited by the Scottish Young Icebreakers to support the event. Led by Adam Purvis, Ambassador of Young Icebreakers for Scotland, the event comprised of a series of interactive group activities and talks by Eric Balish (Director of Trade and Finance of Barclays Commercial Bank), Owen Kelly (Director of Scottish Financial Enterprise), Geoff Leask (Head of Operations Prince's Scottish Youth Business Trust), Natasha Gentz (Director The Confucius Institute for Scotland) and Paul Docherty (Director British Council Scotland ).


After 3 days of events in Edinburgh meeting their Scottish counterparts, Guo Xiangyu (Deputy Secretary-General of the All-China Youth Federation and leader of the delegation) said, ‘we learned a lot especialy from the Young Icebreakers in Scotland, we have had the most meaning-full, positive, productive and fun time.'


Following the success of the UK-China 400 in May 2010, YCP Scotland again participated in this well respected exchange programme managed by Scottish Young Icebreakers to further cultural exchange between Scotland and China. Led by Adam Purvis, Convener of Young Icebreakers for Scotland, the event, held in the Confucius Institute for Scotland, comprised of a series of interactive group activities and talks by business leaders of Scotland.



    英国中国400项目  - 未来领导者们的交流互换活动是英国外交部秘书长大卫·米利班德与中国外交部部长杨洁篪在二零零八年二月颁布发展中英两国青年人相互交流项目的成果。其为实行英国前首相戈登·布朗和中国总理温家宝于二零零八年一月十八日达成的协议。



    作为英国中国400项目的一部分,在中英各国有400位青年人,为其领导品质和表现受选而参加二零零八年至二零一零年的十天互换访问。在访问期间,他们将与当地各个领域的领导、专家和从业者见面,增进了解,提高技术技能,这些领域主要包括:青年和社区发展,政治和贸易领导,环境和健康生活及创造性和文化创新。 参与者将访问北京或伦敦,及对方国家的两个或两个以上的城市或地区。




    今年,从中国和苏格兰的五十名青年领导人代表团聚集于爱丁堡参加了三天的访问活动(五月二十四日至二十六日)。 由英国文化委员会和苏格兰青年破冰者协会合作组织举行。第一天的访问进行在苏格兰孔子学院里。苏格兰青年破冰者协会邀请了苏格兰青年华人精英会支持此访问活动。在苏格兰青年破冰者协会大使亚当珀维斯的领导之下,成功地进行了一系列互动性的小组活动。巴克莱商业银行贸易金融部部长艾瑞克·巴利奇;王子苏格兰青年人商业信托会操作部部长杰夫·利斯克;苏格兰孔子学院院长娜塔莎·延茨和英国文化委员会苏格兰部长保罗·多彻蒂都分别做了演讲。



    郭祥玉(中华全国青年联合会副总秘书长,及此代表团的领导者)在会见苏格兰的同僚并访问爱丁堡三日后说道: 我们受益匪浅,尤其是从苏格兰青年破冰者协会学习了很多。我们在这儿度过了最有意义的,最快乐的时光,并收获了最丰硕和积极的成果。



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