Yu-han Knowledge Exchange


Our YCP KE Group for Teachers of Chinese (also known as Yu-han Knowledge Exchange) was initiated by our three motivated secondary school teachers of Chinese. The idea was suggested to bring together teachers of Chinese regularly when possible to support each other on work strategy, teaching ideas and life in Scotland.

Yu-han, an inspiring teacher of Chinese and a good friend of them, sadly passed away in 2012. This incident has however given strengths for them, whose energies have made possible with YCP in sending out the message amongst Chinese teachers of just how important and helpful when we have a like minded group that is close to us not by distance but to our hearts. Thanks to all their dedications, this knowledge exchange and our annual Chinese language competition were both created with the name of Yu-han.

With the kind support from host schools, the first meeting of Yu-han Knowledge Exchange was held at George Watson's College in October 2012 and then at Merchiston Castle School in March 2013. Meetings have been divided into 2 sessions led by host teachers. Joined by over 40 teachers and potential teachers from schools, universities and education institutions, the KE group is established as a welcoming and supportive network that continues to thrive.   

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