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Scotland-China Education Network (SCEN) is to support International Education by raising the understanding of Chinese language and culture in Scottish schools and promoting the understanding of Scottish culture and education in Chinese schools. YCP is currently developing and organizing links with qualified and potential Chinese teachers across Scotland. It is committed to support the long term development of SCEN's mission.



Scotland’s prosperity tomorrow may depend on pupils learning about the world’s rising economic superpower today, writes Judith McClure, Convener of SELMAS and of SCEN.






        SELMAS和苏格兰中国教育网(SCEN)的召集人朱迪斯·麦克卢尔(Judith McClure)写道:苏格兰未来的繁荣很可能取决于其学生对今日在世界上崛起的经济大国的了解。






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