Sarah Gu


Sarah, our Regional Representative for ShenZhen, moved to Scotland since 2009. She leads the Young Chinese Professionals in overseeing and in managing Scotland-China YCP activities in ShenZhen.


Sarah graduated from DongGuan University of Technology with Bachelor of Art in Commercial English where she was also awarded second place scholarship 2007-08 and single scholarship 2006-07. She has a wide range of professional experiences in different industries. In 2009, she was Scottish-Sino Business Programme Developer for the West Lothian Council, managing contract registrations in the Procurement Services Group of the Financial Department. She was also Mandarin Teacher of 5 local schools in the West Lothian region. Prior to that, she was a professional interpreter at the International Communication and Development Office of DongGuan in 2009 and for the West Lothian Council at the International Livable Awards in 2008.


Sarah had a strong background in the Youth industry. In 2006, she oversaw the Student Union office of DGUT and was Minister of Study Department of the Student Council in Foreign Language Department. In 2007, she was an award winning debator and hostess of GuangDong Province. Sarah is currently working as Investment Sales and Services Consultant at HanXin Investment Company, specialising in high networth investor development and management.


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