Ms Sarah Gu

Investment Sales Consultant, HanXin Investment Company, ShenZhen



From time to time since I returned to China on April 24,2010, my heart and memory always called back to the wonderful six months working in Scotland.


With lots of things learned and dozens of great memories of Scotland, my 6-month journey to Scotland paused at the moment I landed in China. I met many lovely Scottish people and I learned of Scottish culture which are all so unforgettable in my life. This trip made me feel the world had become so small, regardless of any barrier of language or culture, that people all around the world share the same emotion, love and hate.


Scottish impressed me a lot in many aspects. The language is lovely, first of all. I like Scottish accent and I would be proud of that if someday people tell me that I have developed some Scottish. And Scottish people are so passionate, brave, hearty and bright. They brought me laugh and care which made me felt so free and safe, just like at home. I appreciate all of these treasured memories and I have already carrired them back to China.


When I was at primary schools in Scotland, I found pupils are always so curious about China and everything related. I became much more fluent in teaching and succeeded in grasping their temporary attention on me all the time which suppose not to be so easy. I think there is a very bright future in Chinese teaching in Scotland with the political relationship developing between our countries, although it still needs many useful books and skilful teachers who absolutely understand the Curriculum for Excellence here. The education system in UK is very different from China, as well as the way of teaching, relationship between teachers and students, and attitude towards learning from a very early age. There is a long way to go in education communication between our two countries, but with more effort been put in from both governments, I believe there must be a promising future. I used to doubt myself to be a teacher facing these curious pupils while now, I would love to make as much effort as I can given any chance to help developing this kind of communication or exchange in rest of my life.


Being together with Alice Sinnet who is an admirable boss of me, I got the chance to learn how government helps local companies to start business in many possible ways. I have several nice colleagues in Business Gateway and they are all business advisers. No age gap or difficulty in communication were found, quite the opposite, I even developed a McDonald's mate there to have lunch in McDonald's every Thursday!  And in finance team, Tom Henderson took care of me and arranged lots of basic work for me to do. I started of leaning online contract registration and some excel work. Although they are not challenging work, I felt that I was always trusted and surrounded by kind colleagues who are there to help whenever I  am in need.


Also, of course, I made many silly mistakes during this period. Some were due to my first time of working, some were just because that I was not bright enough. Afterwards I would blame myself so much, but that's where I learned of new things and got more mature and so called 'experienceful'. Many things were gone through and now I became so much clearer about my life and family, my responsibility to myself and my country which were things I might never ever know if I weren't given the chance to come over.


So I appreciate this priceless chance in my life and I will try to make as much contributions as I can to both our countries in my life! I really hope that there's something I can do to reward the sincere trust given by Scottish government and I know that the only way to do it the best is to use my knowledge and skill to make our two countries closer and develop well together with regards to both education and economy in the future. And I will. As Young Chinese Professionals provides me this chance to be a regional representative in China, lots things need to be done in order to help developing links between the two countries, and I'm more than happy to take the responsibilities. I do hope that I can be of help indeed.

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