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We work with our partners to facilitate progress and to develop opportunities for many Scotland-China initiatives. We find ways to promote skills of our young Chinese professionals. We offer opportunities for our members to explore new interests and potentials outside their specialties.


Many of our Scotland-China Activities are either organized by YCP or our YCP partners. In this section, you could find out more about how YCP contributes in different industries. We are looking to develop more opportunities that you could get involved in in the future, so if you may have any interests other than your professions, please tell us and we could invite you when suitable opportunities arise. Furthermore, if YCP could be supportive in any of the great Scotland-China ideas you might have, please get in touch as well, as we would be delighted to find ways to work with you.




    苏格兰青年华人精英会或其合作方组织举办了许多苏格兰与中国联合的活动。在这部分,您可以了解到我们精彩多样的活动。 在未来,您也有很多机会参与这样的活动。如果您有意向,请联系我们的项目团队。或是如果您对苏格兰与中国联谊有新见解好主意,苏格兰青年华人精英会将会不遗余力地支持您。请和我们取得联系,期待与您合作。



          Arts and Culture























      2009 年 2月2日,中国国务院总理温家宝在英国剑桥大学发表深情演讲时指出:“未来属于青年一代。中英关系的美好前景要靠青年去开拓…我相信,只要中英两国青年相互学习,携手共进,一定会谱写出中英关系的崭新篇章。”




As Premier Wen Jiabao said in Rede Lecture at Cambridge University, "The future belongs to the younger generation. It is incumbent upon you to build an even more splendid future of China-Britain relations... I believe that as long as you, the young people of China and Britain learn from each other and strive to progress hand in hand, you will add a brilliant new chapter to the annals of our relations."



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