Speech at Young Chinese Professionals Launching Ceremony by Mr Zhou Youbin, Deputy Consul General of the PR of China in Edinburgh





   我了解到这里(在场)很多苏格兰的朋友,还有我们的华人朋友 ,都是各个领域杰出的优秀的人士。能认识到大家会感到非常高兴的同时,我也希望大家能更多的支持YCP的活动。就像Peter刚才讲的,希望YCP将来开展各种活动推动苏格兰与中国的互相了解。特别是致力于中国与苏格兰在经济文化科技艺术 和 教育等各领域的合作我衷心地祝愿YCP将来在中苏交流与合作,加强人民的理解和沟通等各方面作出更大的贡献。




“First of all, I am delighted to be here today joining the Launch Ceremony of YCP along with my colleagues, Andy and Lisa. Having seen so many wonderful Chinese elements in Judith and Roger’s home, I have certainly felt that how much Scottish people know about China and their friendship towards the Chinese people. On behalf of Madame Tan Xiutian, the Consul General and the Consulate General of The People’s Republic of China, I wish to express warm congratulations to the launch of YCP.


I understand there are many Scottish friends and Chinese friends here today, who are all outstanding professionals in their fields. It is a great pleasure to meeting everyone here and I hope you could all support YCP’s work more. Just as what Peter has just said, I hope YCP will, in the future, develop all kinds of activities to promote the mutual understanding between Scotland and China, especially in the areas of economics, culture, technology, arts and education. I would like to express my wholehearted wishes to YCP, in which I hope, through Sino-Scottish collaborations and exchanges, YCP will contribute to an even greater success in enhancing the comprehensions and communications between the people of both countries.


I hope our young Chinese people could have a successful career here and contribute to the positive developments between China and Scotland. There are also good career opportunities in China. We welcome our Scottish friends to visit China, to invest in China and to develop cultural exchanges with China. I believe, in the future, YCP could provide support to Scottish friends who wish to go to China for all kinds of activities. And our Consulate General of The People’s Republic of China would also love to offer support and assistance to Scottish friends and young Chinese people who go to China for business, studying or touring as much as possible. Thank you very much.” 




Speeches by Dr Judith McClure and our Conveners.

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