Meeting with Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs


On 21st June, Ms Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs has met with members of the Young Chinese Professionals Scotland. The meeting was an initial dialogue held at the Scottish Parliament to enable Chinese professionals to express their feelings about their lives and work in Scotland and introduce their current global community projects with the YCP.


“I am particularly interested in how you work it as a diaspora yourself… there are some lessons we could learn from how you networking and also in terms of the advice you could provide us and how we find links to get to an understanding because the best way to build links between two countries is by two peoples,” Ms Hyslop said.


“It would be interesting to see how the diaspora here, be it students, be it professionals and be it here for long term or short term and how they could contribute towards greater links between Scotland and China,” said Mr Humza Yousaf, Deputy Convener of Cross Party Group on Racial Equality. 


“The Cross Party Group on China was initially set up to connect two countries together, but more importantly I think it is to connect two peoples together,” added Mr Gil Paterson, Deputy Convener of Cross Party Group on China.


“We aim to unite and promote young hearted Chinese professionals in Scotland… by bringing these talented people together, we hope to continue to be one of the driving forces that will improve not only our Chinese professional community, and also Scotland-China partnerships from a local to global level,” said Mr Peter Kwok, co-convener of YCP and director at PEAN.     


“It is very pleasing and encouraging to work for a firm that cares about people and community. My home office has been very supportive with what I do for YCP,” said Ms Cathy Gu, co-convener of YCP and auditor at Ernst & Young LLP.


“We are very keen to look at some of the key issues in relation to the Chinese professionals in Scotland… we would also like to know their attitudes towards living and work in Scotland,” explained Mr Michael Guo, Project Leader in YCP National Survey and award winning finance lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland.


“We are also launching the ‘My experience in China’ programme for Scottish school students to consider about careers in China in the near future when they finish with their studies,” said Ms Sarah Gu, YCP Project Leader in Global Seminars Initiative and former hedge fund consultant in Shenzhen, China.


The meeting was also joined by representatives of the Chinese community, Confucius Institute at the University of Glasgow, Glasgow Chinese Students and Scholars Association and Scottish Government’s China Team. During the day event, Chinese professionals also had the chance to share ideas at the YCP meeting and attend the First Minister’s Question Time.


We would like to thank Ms Hyslop for the meeting, Mr Humza for organising the event, Mr Paterson for coming to support us and everyone who has participated with us on the day.





希斯洛普女士谈: “青年华人精英会作为一个海外华人社区组织,是如何开展工作的, 我对此尤其的感兴趣我们可以学习借鉴你们建立人际网的方法。除此之外,你们也可以给我们提供一些建议,譬如如何一同寻找了解双方的渠道,因为建立两国间关系的最好办法必须得通过两国的人民。


种族平等跨党组的副主席 哈姆萨友萨福议员评论:青年华人精英会中无论是学生还是专业人士,无论在苏格兰是长期定居还是短期体验,我们很希望看到他们是如何为建立中国与苏格兰更紧密关系做出贡献的。










顾远女士 中国深圳前对冲基金咨询师,也是青年华人精英会国际研讨会的项目策划人发言:我们也开始进行我在中国的经历这一项目,给予苏格兰学校的学生考虑完成学业后去中国寻求职业发展的机会。




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