Mr Saiqu Lv

Investment Analyst, Schroders Investment Management, London


I studied mathematics and philosophy at Oxford University as an undergraduate. After graduating in 2009, I moved to Edinburgh to work for Baillie Gifford as an investment analyst. I really enjoyed the job, it was exactly what I wanted to do.


Baillie Gifford is a fantastic place to work. I received excellent training and ongoing mentoring from the team I worked with from the very beginning. Combined with being given full responsibilities for real projects from a very early stage, I was able to quickly understand the business and develop the skills. The corporate culture was also very good, there was zero internal politics or bureaucracy. Life/work balance was great partly because it was Edinburgh, partly because it was BG. You do enough high quality work to get things done and always feel very refreshed every morning you get to the office.


Edinburgh is a beautiful city but it is not a hugely diverse city in terms of culture or ethnicity. Neither does it stand out in size. Therefore it is quite niche, a very different proposition from big places like London or New York. Some people love it, some people hate it. But career-wise, you could be as successful in Edinburgh as in anywhere else. It is completely a life-style choice. 


I think that the YCP is a good platform to introduce Scotland to people coming from China who might be considering places to study or work. 

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