Introducing YCP Scotland

Every year, Scotland continues to bring together top young Chinese professionals from all corners of the world. These professionals bring insights, energies and inspirations to this place of significance, where they could prepare themselves as the future global leaders.


As the young Chinese professionals of this generation, we have a responsibility to our professions, our families, our communities and our countries to grow an even more resplendent future. We do so by contributing ourselves to supporting people, activities and our communities of Scotland and China.

As such, the Young Chinese Professionals Scotland was established to encourage opportunties for young Chinese professionals to connect, to be recognized and to be involved in many Scotland-China Activities.




        我们希望透过这个联盟去荟集各地的优秀青年华人,并与那些以提倡中国和苏格兰合作的机合作, 立志成为有助于带动在苏格兰的青年华人精英成为未来继续维护和促进中国与苏格兰地区友好关系的杰出的领导人才的联会。


       我们最初在苏格兰议会跨党派中国小组会议中第一次阐述了成立苏格兰青年华人精英会的想法。 自那时以来,我们有幸得到了各界的欢迎。当中包括苏格兰政府,四十八家集团,苏格兰中国教育网,苏格兰孔子学院和苗圃华艺及文化中心等机

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