The Scottish Government,Chinese Consulate General in Edinburgh and Chinese professional community


As one of the major diasporic communities in Scotland, it is important that YCP continues to enable voices of our professional community to be heard by all range of community care bodies including the Scottish Government. “I am particularly interested in how you work it as a diaspora yourself… there are some lessons we could learn from how you network and also in terms of the advice you could provide us and how we find links to get to an understanding because the best way to build links between two countries is by two peoples,” said Ms Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs at the YCP Meeting on 21st June 2012.


为了促进苏格兰主要的社区华人团体在苏格兰的生活和工作的质素,我们必须继续积极了解专业人士的诉求并向各有关机构反映他们的声音。希斯洛普女士在2012年的青年华人精英会会议上: “青年华人精英会作为一个海外华人社区组织,是如何开展工作的,我对此尤其的感兴趣我们可以学习借鉴你们建立人际网络的方法。除此之外,你们也可以给我们提供一些建议,譬如我们如何一同寻找了解双方的渠道,因为建立两国间关系的最好办法必须是通过两国的人民。

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