Speech at Young Chinese Professionals Launching Ceremony by Dr. Judith McClure, Convener of SCEN




Cathy Gu and Peter Kwok, and I am sure we all want to support it (YCP) as our links with China are so important now. And Chinese community is always playing its great and important role in Scotland. Our links go back for so many decades and in fact, the previous centuries. So it is very important now in the new world of the 21st Century that we do work together and I think Cathy and Peter's inspiration will enable us to do that even more.




    谷凯丝和郭彼德, 我确信我们都想要支持 YCP 因为我们现在与中国的联系实在是太重要了。在苏格兰,华人社区一直扮演着非常重要的角色。而我们与中国的联系可追溯到许多许多个十年以前,事实上,可追溯到上几个世纪。所以在21世纪这个新世界里我们大家一起努力合作是非常重要的,我认为谷凯丝和郭彼德的启发能使我们合作得更多。












Speeches by Mr Zhou Youbin and our Conveners.

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