Scotland-China Art & Culture Partnerships


        2010年3月17日, 驻英国大使刘晓明在为英国议会跨党派中国小组举行的晚宴上的讲话中指出 "我来到英国后,已经会见了英朝野一些人士,听到最多的话就是"中英要加强相互了解"。据我了解,在今年1月英国议会的一 次对华政策辩论中,议员朋友们发出的最强烈声音也是"双方要努力了解对方"。那么了解从什么地方开始?我认为,要从我们各自的语言和文化开始。为此我上周六特意参加了"汉语桥"英国大学生中文比赛,讲到了学习对方 语言的重要性,鼓励英国年轻人通过学习汉语,了解中国的文化,增进两国的沟通。"


Remarks by Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the Dinner in Honour of All Party Parliamentary China Group on 17 March 2010. Ambassador Xu said:" Since my arrival, I have met with members of both the British government and opposition. Almost everybody was saying: "China and the UK should understand each other more". And the strongest message from the Parliamentary debate on UK's China policy last January was "We should endeavour to understand each other". So how can we do this? A good place to start is to learn about each other's language and culture. Last Saturday, I attended the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition. I talked about the importance of learning languages and encouraged young people in Britain to learn Chinese, which is a better way to understand Chinese culture and promote mutual understanding.


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