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Local Engagements, Global Influence


The UK Federation of Chinese Professionals is a national community organisation for local Chinese professional members in all disciplines who make a difference globally.


The UK Federation of Chinese Professionals (UKFCP or in short, FCP) is amongst the largest overseas Chinese professional associations in the world. We contribute to the advancement of a multicultural community of over 100,000 professionals in the UK. FCP has four core priorities - unite, support, develop and promote global Chinese professionals in the country and of the future.


The UKFCP brings together 5 regional chapters with their own executive committees while sharing the overall commitment to their umbrella organisation led by its Chairman and Conveners. They are supported by a steering committee and guided by an international advisory board. Chapters are governed as independent entities but are integral to the make-up of the Federation.


Together, UKFCP holds 3 regional chapters, 19 professional groups, 5 sector groups, a national executive committee, a steering committee and an international advisory board. 







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