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The Young Chinese Professionals (YCP) is the community association for young hearted Chinese professionals in the UK. We aim to unite, support, develop and promote professionals through linking with all groups interested in UK-China partnerships. Since 2010, YCP have been driving social and economic innovations where our members contribute to lead, support or participate in UK-China initiatives that create lasting values to members, our professionals' community and stakeholders.


YCP operate through YCP London and YCP Scotland. YCP London headquarters for all young Chinese professionals focusing on developing social and economic initiatives across the UK. YCP Scotland is Scotland's Chinese professionals' association. 


In 2015, we launched our first Chinese Professionals Development Initiative in Paisley and South Ayrshire to increase the number of China related activities and established our formal partnership with the University of West of Scotland. In 2014, we represented the UK at the World's Overseas Chinese Professionals Associations Chairpersons Summit to promote UK Chinese professionals. In 2013, YCP exceeded over a thousand professional members and a hundred partnerships within our network. In 2012, we were key stakeholder to advise on developing Scottish Government's new China Strategy. In 2011, YCP represented Scotland's young Chinese professionals community to strengthen our community empowerment in the meeting with Ms Nicola Sturgeon, now First Minister of Scotland. In 2010, we were the UK counterpart to receive China's young leaders on UK-China 400, the major exchange programme agreed between Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Premier Wen Jiabao. More about our previous work here. 


We define 'Young' as young hearted, 'Chinese' as any members with a Chinese family root or by nationality, and 'Professionals' as any members who are working or have previously achieved work experience. Our members work in all industries and many of them have accounting and finance, arts, education, engineering, IT, law, medicine, research, and support services backgrounds. We have a growing number of our members as entrepreneurs and restaurateurs. Most of our members are between 20 and 50 years old, hence we also have a focus on the younger group of professionals, which emphasize the power of the term 'Young'.


YCP are a project driven and member-led organisation that rely upon the support of members and partner organisations. Please feel free to visit our core pages to find out more about our endeavours. If you are interested in working with us to shape a bright future of UK-China partnership, we would be delighted to invite you to join us here.









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